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Where is the salon located?

Absolute Animal Care
214 Dgk Ln,
Factoryville, PA 18419

Please click here to see the salon location on Google Maps.

(570) 357-5053

The salon is in Suite 101, in the lower parking lot of the Bunker Hill Veterinary Clinic and next door to the dentist’s office. The entrance is shared with Bunker Hill Vet’s surgery suite.

Those familiar with Factoryville and Route 6&11, might know of the BlueBird Diner at the bottom of the driveway which is located about 1/4th of a mile from Keystone College. Just past the salon, a little further down Rt 107, you’ll find Gin’s restaurant.

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How much will it cost to groom my pet?

A walk in nail trim is $8.00 for cats and $15.00 for dogs. Pricing starts at $65.00 for a small dog groom and $85.00 for a large dog groom. Pricing starts at $60.00 for a cat groom. The final pricing is determined by how long it takes to groom your unique pet.

It is always our goal to have sessions take as little time as possible to avoid added stress on your pet. If sessions aren’t going as anticipated, or if costs are expected to increase beyond the estimate given, we will contact you. Most pets are groomed in their own appointment, which usually lasts less than two hours.

Higher grooming costs should be expected for pets who:

  • Have not been groomed before.
  • Have severe matting.
  • Are not cooperative or require breaks.
  • Have gone longer than 8 weeks from their last appointment.
  • Are over 65 lbs in weight.
  • Are densely coated.
  • Require special accommodations or handling.

We charge only for “hands on” time, even if your pet is in the salon longer than the allotted time. Leaving pets in the salon longer than 30 minutes after the notification of completion may incur additional charges unless arranged with sufficient notice prior to the appointment.

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How long does a grooming session take?

Between 1-4 hours. A Yorkie would be on the lower end of the range and a packed-coated giant breed would be on the higher end.

Your pet is taken straight to the tub upon arrival. He or she is shampooed, rinsed, conditioned, soaked, rinsed again, and then dried. Some pets will actually be soaked in conditioner at the start of their appointment to re-hydrate their coats before any other grooming takes place.

All pets are table-dried unless they are stressed, to allow for the best results possible. After drying is complete, if appropriate, your pet will receive a haircut/trim. Pets who haven’t been groomed properly within two months will require additional time to catch up.

A dense coat takes longer to rinse and dry. Please keep in mind, it is always our goal to have pets in and out of the salon in a minimal amount of time, but corners won’t be cut.

After your pet’s coat has been given a clean slate, it is necessary to schedule another grooming within 1-2 months to keep everything at a maintenance-level.

Heavy-coated giant breeds can only be accommodated on a limited basis.

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What kind of payment is accepted?

Cash, checks, and credit/debit cards are accepted. Cash is preferred for walk-in nail trims.

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What kind of shampoo is used?

Iv San Bernard products are used primarily. The shampoo and conditioner are blended for your pet and mixed into a froth, to be applied with a washcloth or brush. There are other brands used as well, but each is selected specifically for your pet’s particular coat and skin type.

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Can my pet have a flea bath?

Flea baths are not offered at Absolute Animal Care, because they are not effective and they can be problematic. If you think your pet has fleas, your vet offers many safe, effective, and fast-acting products to treat your pet and the surrounding environment at the same time.

Please treat your pet for fleas prior to scheduling a grooming appointment.

We have blog articles on what to do if your dog has fleas and what to do if your cat has fleas.

There are additional charges if pets are discovered to have fleas during their grooming appointment. It is not necessary or recommended to shave a flea-infested pet, unless they are severely matted. However, a soothing bath can provide relief to itchy pets.

Please DO NOT bathe your pet with Dawn dish soap. Additionally, please wait a day or two after your grooming session before re-applying any topical flea treatment products.

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What if I want my pet shaved to the skin?

We will review your goals for this particular haircut, and try to find something that is low-maintenance for you, and healthy for your pet. 1/4 inch and longer is generally what we recommend for coat length in these cases, but even that isn’t ideal for your dog’s skin health.

Routine shaving of double-coats is no longer offered at Absolute Animal Care. Cats cannot be maintained with shaving, as they are double-coated, but we are happy to discuss better options for keeping your pet comfortable.

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What if my pet hates other animals?

Most appointments are one-on-one at Absolute Animal Care. Even if appointments are shared, pets are kept separate and are not allowed to interact. For severe cases involving larger dogs, a larger gap between appointments can be arranged upon booking.

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What if my dog requires a muzzle?

Occasionally, muzzles are used at Absolute Animal Care to prevent injuries to our groomers.

Muzzles can be a helpful tool, however, they are often used in ways that can endanger the dog and the person applying the muzzle. Ideally, a dog who is known to display defensiveness or aggression will be measured for a properly-fitting Jafko or similar style basket muzzle.

The dog should then be slowly and positively introduced to the muzzle over the course of several weeks to months, so he becomes comfortable wearing it.

The closed-mouth muzzles, also known as grooming muzzles, should only be used briefly for singular tasks, such as a nail trim. The animal is then taken out of the muzzle to allow for normal behaviors, such as panting.

Leaving a dog in a sleeve-type muzzle or any muzzle that doesn’t permit full-panting and comfort will add to a pet’s stress and potentially lead to life-threatening overheating or other distress.

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Can I stay for the session or use the bathroom?

Patrons can no longer come inside due to COVID 19. Please call when you arrive with your pet so that we know you’re waiting. Once we have prepared for your pet’s entry into the salon, we will come outside to retrieve your pet.

Please be sure all collars or harnesses are secure, and that cat carriers are not damaged or likely to fall apart. Please remove Seresto flea collars before leaving the house.

Seresto flea collars that we need to remove are returned on the carrier handle or loosely on the dog’s neck and may need to be re-snugged when you and your pet are reunited.

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Why do cats cost more?

True cat groomers are rare, and for good reason. Cats have more sensitive skin, health concerns, and are often not accustomed to grooming from a young age. Most salons who handle cats only offer to shave them, which we now know is rarely an appropriate way to address their grooming needs.

Absolute Animal Care offers true cat grooming, from a single groomer. Your cat won’t be held down or have a grooming session done with any equipment that wasn’t specifically chosen for her comfort and safety.

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Do you express anal glands?

No. You’ll be notified if an abnormality is apparent anywhere on your pet, but anal glands are very easy to injure and expressing them should be left to your vet.

A pet should be able to express the anal glands on his or her own during defecation. If your pet has an issue doing this, then diet, arthritis, or other malady may be to blame.

Most pets should not need help with this, and doing it unnecessarily can cause discomfort, irritation, and inflammation.

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