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Welcome to the Absolute Animal Care Cat Blog! Our mission is to help you and your cat to have the happiest and healthiest relationship possible.

Our cat blog features articles that contain our best recommendations for cat wellness, training strategies, and products.

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Cat Ready for Brushing

We are often asked what the best cat brush is. In this article, we discuss our recommendations for the best cat brushes and brushing techniques for your particular cat.

Calm Cat Relaxing

As a professional cat groomer, I am often asked how to calm a cat down. Here are the best products and tips I’ve found over the years.

Cat That Has Fleas

As a professional cat groomer, I am often asked how to tell if a cat has fleas. This is what I teach my clients.

Main Coon Cat at the Groomer

As a professional cat groomer, I am asked “How often should I take my cat to the groomer?“. Here, I explain what I recommend to my clients.

Cat Amazed by Cat Facts

We put together this HUGE list of popular cat facts just for you. Cats are amazing animals that are full of surprises!

Pet Ownership Statistics 2022

Up-to-date list of pet ownership statistics with eye-catching graphs. Excellent resource for articles, social campaigns, video creation, and presentations.

Cat Christmas Gifts

Looking for the perfect Cat Christmas Gift? Here’s our favorite tried and true gifts that every cat and cat owner will love!

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