Leave Dog Breeding to the Experts

Furry Brown Dog

So many purebreds for adoption… notice a lot of them are cast offs from the people who breed them until their usefulness is spent. Buying dogs keeps this wheel turning.

Most of the dogs from commercial breeding don’t make it into homes… they are sold at auction just like livestock. When their last litter is produced they are disposed of as cheaply as possible. These people don’t care that they’re part of the problem.

Backyard breeders contribute to homelessness without even realizing it. They breed their dog or cat out of love or the wrong idea that they contributing to the breed or family pet supply. These are the ones who bought a dog and think they have one who should produce more because they are special.

Every pet is individual, but unless you can trace their genetic lineage, understand how specific traits are passed down, and have health screenings for both parents and keep track of the genetic health of every baby you produce, screen all potential buyers, require them to sign contracts for training, socialization, and spay/neuter at appropriate ages and took deposits BEFORE BREEDING YOUR DOG while under the supervision of a knowledgeable breeder until you to are well versed in the hobby/basically a part/full time job that breeding animals is…. Most of these people don’t realize or are in denial that they’re part of the problem.

Reputable breeders will require spay/neuter… if they allow breeding they will require you to send them all this info to screen the potential mates for the dog they sold you. This is to protect their reputation.

Otherwise their reputable reputation will be smeared all over the mystery lineage that laymen are bringing into the world. That’s why there are reputable breeders.

Their animals still take up homes from animals dying in shelters, but they KNOW their specific animals’ progeny are getting nowhere near a shelter or ever experiencing homelessness. If everyone ONLY purchased from these reputable breeders or sought out homeless animals to adopt there would be enough homes.

But people who think they know are dabbling in something they have no place dabbling in and they’re making a mess of things.

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